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Hot Summer Night - July 30, 2004 - the late show
"This or That!", on a Hot Summer Night, in Coney Island, was performed for a packed and sweaty audience.
This is the later of 2 shows performed that evening.
It is presented here in 6 parts.

The Great Fredini and Julie Atlas Muz

Special Guest Stars
World Famous *BOB*

"This or That!" Girls
Bambi the Mermaid
Bunny Luv

and tonight's Contestants
Rebecca and Dave

Part 1
America's Favorite Burlesque Game Show is always a hot show, but on a steamy summer night, our contestants need to find new ways to help our performers stay cool. Meet our contestants Dave and Rebecca, then see if they are up to the challenge. With special guest performer: Tigger.

Part 2
Time for a very special Trivia Quiz from America's Favorite Burlesque Game Show. Sometimes its' not what you know, but whether you're wearing clean underwear that counts. Julie Atlas Muz has prizes for the winner and a penalty for the loser.

Part 3
On America's Favorite Burlesque Game Show, you never know what's waiting behind the curtains. This time we present: World Famous Bob performing her "Fleshdance".
Contestants Dave and Rebecca get to watch.

Part 4
America's Favorite Burlesque Game Show asks tonight's contestants to "slip into something more comfortable". Contestants Dave and Rebecca are helped with their wardrobe change by Bunny Luv and Bambi the mermaid.

Part 5
A very special performer is behind "That" curtain tonight. America's Favorite Burlesque Game Show is amazed to present: Tawny Tigressa, Times Square's longest running sex worker. Watch with Dave and Rebecca, our stunned contestants, as this act evolves to its natural conclusion.

Part 6
It's time for our contestants Dave and Rebecca to find out what they've won, on America's Favorite Burlesque Game Show, This or That! At the end of every show, somebody gets a peak inside Julie's box.

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The Great Fredini,
Julie Atlas Muz,
Mark Cyr

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