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Zany, sexy fun from America's Favorite Burlesque Gameshow: "This or That!". Crazy contest challenges meet hot burlesque and variety acts in the sexiest game show ever invented!

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"This or That!" premiers Off Broadway - 11/5/04
"This or That!", America's Favorite Burlesque Game Show, began it's off broadway run at the Belt Theater, on West 37th Street in New York, NY, on November 5, 2005.

Here is the pre-show audience warm up act and an opening act, followed by the show presented that evening, presented in 5 parts.

Pre-Show Warm Up Act
At America's Favorite Burlesque Game Show we always warm up the audience before we begin our television show. Watch as the audience gets to pick a curtain to reveal the first act of the evening. Will they see a great burlesque act, or something less than fabulous? Will they choose 'This' or 'That'?

Opening Act
Your host, "The Great Fredini" lets the audience see what's behind "That" curtain: "Miss Bunny Luv" and a box of chocolate...

An example of a fabulous burlesque act that contestants on "This or That!" will have a chance to win, Miss Bunny Luv is presented here to 'warm up' the theater audience.

Welcome to America's favorite Burlesque Game Show, "This or That!" In this segment, your hosts, "the Great Fredini" and "Julie Atlas Muz" show you how the game is played. Meet tonight's contestants, Joe and Anastasia, freshly picked from our "live theater" audience. See Joe & Anastasia compete in "The Blow Tube Challenge".

In the next segment of America's Favorite Burlesque Game Show, "This or That!", contestants Joe & Anastasia, are invited to "Slip into something more comfortable". This challenge is a race to get "comfortable" on stage as fast as possible! Assisting Joe & Anastasia are our "This or That" girls: "Miss Bunny Luv" and "The Lady Ace, with an endless supply of lingerie.

Our contestant, Joe, has won the opportunity to pick between our two curtains, "This" or "That". Behind one of our curtains is a fabulous burlesque act. Behind the other is something, less than fabulous. Which act will Joe win? The theater audience, your host "The Great Fredini", and Julie Atlas Muz all help Joe make his decision.

It's time for the "This" or "That", "Super Showdown!" Joe & Anastasia face off with a large bunch of bananas. This is the last chance for one of them to come from behind and win one of our fabulous prizes. Now they must compete in a "style competition", where the theater audience will be the final judge. "This or That" Girls, "Bunny Luv", and "The Lady Ace" partner up with our contestants to show them how it's done. Julie Atlas Muz keeps everyone supplied with bananas. "Now that's Entertainment!"

It's time for our contestant Anastasia to choose from between our two curtains, "This" or "That".

Will she reveal a classic burlesque act? Or an act so "whacked", words can't describe it? The theater audience, Julie Atlas Muz and your host, "The Great Fredini" all help her decide. By this time in the show, our contestants are ready for anything.

It's time for Joe and Anastasia to open up Julie's treasure trove. Tonight's winner gets to trade in their "This or That" dollars for a chance to pick a unique prize, like the "Freedom Tickler"!
But wait, what's in that box Julie is holding?

With your host: "The Great Fredini" and Julie Atlas Muz.

This episode was shot at the Belt theater, in New York City, on November 5, 2004.

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