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The Oddsticle Course Show - March 11, 2005
"This or That!", the Oddsticle Course Show
was performed before a live audience,
at the Belt theater, in New York City.

Here are the 2 opening acts presented that evening,
followed by our show in 6 parts.

The Great Fredini and Julie Atlas Muz

Special Guest Stars
The Lady Ace
Tyler Fyre

"This or That!" Girls
Bunny Luv
Bambi the Mermaid

and tonight's Contestants
Jessica and Danny

Pre-Show Warm Up Act
Heather & Feather Merriweather perform a "one of a kind" burlesque act on America's Favorite Burlesque Game Show, "This or That!"
With Bambi the mermaid and Bunny Luv.

Opening Act
Behind "That" curtain: Lady Ace's unique bridal striptease.
A new burlesque performance from America's Favorite Burlesque Game Show.

Part 1
Contestants Jessica & Danny race through a series of unusual 'oddsticles' on America's Favorite Burlesque Game Show, "This or That!"

The contestants are competing to win unique prizes at the end of the evening. The theater audience cheers them on as they 'slip into something more comfortable', and 'pick a peck of pickled peckers'. Partnering with our contestants are "This or That" girls: Bambi & Bunny.

Part 2
America's Favorite Burlesque Game Show is performed live, with a live audience, and audience members are brought on stage to participate as contestants. No one ever knows exactly what's going to happen, including the cast and crew. See if the Lady Ace try can get on stage and perform her act...

Part 3
Match your knowledge of obscure sex trivia with tonight's contestants, Danny and Jessica. They might win big, but remember, there is a penalty if they are wrong!

Part 4
Tyler Fyre, the Lucky Devil himself appears from behind 'That' curtain. Get your fire extinguisher ready.

Part 5
It's time for the "This or That!" Super Showdown! Our contestants have one last chance to prove to the audience that they are worthy of the fabulous prizes in Julie's Treasure Trove. They will be helped by "This or That!" girls, Bambi and Bunny. And not to worry, Julie always has extra bananas on hand.

Part 6
It's time to find out what our grand prize winner will take home tonight. On America's Favorite Burlesque game Show, there's always a choice: 'This' or 'That'! But will they get a crack at Julie's box?
Prizes from Julie's treasure trove are displayed lovingly by Miss Julie Atlas Muz.

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The Great Fredini,
Julie Atlas Muz,
Mark Cyr

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