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The Produce Show - April 22, 2005
"This or That!", the Produce Show, was performed with the help of a very alive audience,
at the Zipper theater, in New York City.
It is presented here in 8 parts.

The Great Fredini and Julie Atlas Muz

Special Guest Stars
Bradford Scobie
Jonathan Nosan
Miss Dirty Martini

"This or That!" Girls
Miss Bunny Luv
Bambi the Mermaid

and tonight's Contestants
Jen and Earl

Part 1
Contestants Jen and Earl compete to see who is most entertaining while eating corn off the cob. This is a style competition, not a race!

Part 2
See our contestants Jen and Earl wrestle some slippery pickles. But first, "This or That!" girls, Bambi and Bunny help them slip into something more comfortable.

Part 3
Watch as our contestants Jenny and Earl face a new challenge from Bambi, Bunny Luv and several bunches of grapes... And then the winner makes a disastrous curtain choice!

Part 4
On America's Favorite Burlesque Game Show, when the act on stage really stinks, it's time to bring out the rotten tomatoes. In part 4 of the "produce" show, contestants Jen and Earl seek revenge upon an act that is "less than fabulous".
With special guest star, Bradford Scobie as the world's worst mime.

Part 5
America's Favorite Burlesque Game Show presents a truly astonishing act. In part 5 of the "produce" show, watch with contestants Jen and Earl as Jonathan Nosan of "Acroback" bends over backwards to please them...

Part 6
In this segment from America's Favorite Burlesque Game Show, see if Jen can "come from behind" to win the style competition. With help from "This or That!" girls, Bambi & Bunny Luv, and Julie Atlas Muz supplying the bananas.

Part 7
By now, our contestants Jen & Earl are ready for anything. It's time for Jen to choose which curtain will reveal our next act. She could choose an act that stinks "worse than limburger cheese". Or she could choose a classic burlesque act like 'Miss Dirty Martini' performing her umbrella striptease...

Part 8
It's the grand finale of America's Favorite Burlesque Game Show! Here at the end of the "produce" show, our contestants Jen & Earl choose from items found in Julie's treasure trove. As always, you never know what you're going to find in Julie's box, it could be a fabulous prize, or something that's less than fabulous. But in the end, everyone goes home happy. The entire cast of the "produce" show joins our contestants on stage.

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The Great Fredini,
Julie Atlas Muz,
Mark Cyr

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